Devotional Diary

I will be posting here a lot less often in the immediate future.

I have decided to switch my main  focus to an informal devotional diary rather than researched articles or discursive pieces, though these might still appear here occasionally.

Posts in my devotional diary will appear on The Horse Goddess site :

The first of them is about the annual brightening of the horse in my shrine for Rhiannon (as discussed in a recent post on this blog) and it can be found HERE=>

Newly Painted Horse

2 thoughts on “Devotional Diary

  1. I’m sad to hear you will be posting here less, but understand the need for a change in focus. I enjoyed your first post about cleaning off and repainting Rigantona’s statue, which of course put me in mind of the tradition of cleaning off the Uffington White Horse and other equine hill figures. I’ll look forward to reading your future posts. By the way is there any way I can follow that blog via email as the posts won’t appear in my WordPress reader.


  2. Yes the Uffington cleaning tradition was certainly one element in my thinking here.

    Although I’ve used the WordPress template the site is not set up as a blog but I’ve now added a ‘follow by e-mail’ facility to it.


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