Exploring Eleri


Cardian Bay Rivers
Rivers Flowing into Cardigan Bay illustrated with their attendant Nymphs – Map by Wm Hole from Michael Drayton’s Poly-Olbion (1612)


Following the preceding survey of recent history of the drainage of the bog and the diversion of Eleri, this page will be more of an an exploration on the ground, but also containing some glimpses of the more remote history which led to the creation of the landscape as it is now.

After the last Ice Age ……  READ MORE at ~~~~~> The Guardian of the Well  















2 thoughts on “Exploring Eleri

  1. I absolutely love the nymph map and would love to see something like this for Lancashire with water spirits, boggarts, Jinnie Greenteeth, black dogs and all!

    Well done on finding Eleri’s former route. Do you feel that those waters in ‘the reedy depressions, ditches and wet hollows’ along with that old course still contain traces of her?


    1. Yes, definitely there are traces in those reedy channels near to the point of diversion, which is why I often walk there. But after the railway they seem to disappear. Even having tracked the final part of her course to the sea I do not sense her presence so strongly there. It’s as iof she goes underground at some point where ditches and drainage channels now filter back towards the bog.


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